As an avid researcher myself, I don't blame you for wanting to get all the details.

Here we've consolidated a list of Frequently asked questions below:

If something is telling you, now is the time.  

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The first call is a complimentary session that includes a discussion on your primary focus, (if you don't know, that's ok too.) and determines whether working together would be a good fit. 

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As a result of my own journey, some of the topics I feel connected to;


  • Mental health
  • Feelings of stress, anxiety, self doubt, fear
  • Pressure and frustration as a result of confusion,¬† feeling stuck, or lost for direction
  • Lack of energy/motivation
  • Burnout, exhaustion, stuck in comparison/competition
  • Chronic pain, injury or illness
  • Philosophical, spiritual, and existential questions about life, purpose and meaning
  • Intimate Relationships, boundaries & communication.
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